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    Carly, some of what you are clearly experiencing is likely carb flu, as discussed by others above. I know you have a lot of weight that you wish to lose. You feel you have tried, and you are hitting that tough spot that so many others encountered, and left in the dust as they continued on with the PB. The decision whether to keep on going, or not, is yours and yours alone to make.

    But I have a question. What first drew you to Mark's PB? Had you tried so many other ways of eating/moving/living and found they didn't work? If you're like many of us, you did. Something made you want to give this a try. Whatever that was, if you did your research, you knew there would be hurdles. A two pound fluctuation in the scales from day to day, is nothing. It could be water retention, bathroom habits, nearly anything.

    I'm sorry some others didn't appear to be sensitive to your problem. However, often these folks faced what you are encountering and since they knew different variables of what might happen (research, research, research) to them, they took it in stride and kept on going. Some folks who are committed fitness and health enthusiasts have less patience with those who seem to be going through what they once overcame, but seem to want to quit when things get a little harder.

    I can't think of any other way of eating where my hunger cravings are in check, I no longer desire to snack, and I just plain feel more energized. I can't think of a more simplistic activity plan Mark includes in this way of life.

    Also, I didn't notice that you were 'moving slowly' as per the plan (free downloads of most of the information is available), or lifting heavy things (in which Mark advocates using body weight exercises, at least to start). Perhaps if you were to comply with those portions of the PB you would start to at least feel better, and have a more positive outlook. If you have 100 pounds to lose, then I'm pretty sure you could benefit from 'moving slowly'.

    You have to decide if you are willing to make the commitment, if you are worth it.

    But, Carly, if not now, then when?

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    Carly: ignore the scale. Throw it out. Hide it from yourself. You have alot of weight to lose, which means the changes to your body composition as you do are going to be obvious, but the numbers on the scale might just drive you crazy. Water, inflammation, bathroom habits, gains in lean mass... you're going to interpret them all as gaining the fat back. So put it aside for a while.

    Focus on being healthy. Eat plenty of veggies, meat, healthy fats, and a little fruit (in that order!!). Move more. Eliminate stress as much as possible and get plenty of good sleep. If you do those things, avoid "cheat" foods, and quit obsessing, you'll find that you feel better. And then you'll find that the weight will come off. You can do it!!

    The headache is probably carb flu, but could also be a hunger signal (it is for me!). Make sure you are getting enough to eat. You may find that the portions you need look different when you eliminate grain-based foods.

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    Carly, listen to the compassionate people here, like Valerie - you should give it more time, and try the basic things Mark suggests on the Primal Blueprint 101 or what ever it's called here on the website (I don't have the books) - maybe this will actually work for you, but how will you know if you don't really delve in and try the whole shebang? C'mon girl, give it a fair chance! :-)

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    Like I said, I'm waiting for Mark's book to get the how picture. I should have the 21 day book tonight.

    Thank you to everyone that has left supportive positive messages and listened to my whining.

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    CarlyR, I sent you a private message.

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