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    I just saw a commercial for Tostito's tortilla chips... about how they're whole grain, and corn is a grain.

    It's still garbage food, and they're trying to spin it as if eating grain is a good thing. Ugh.

    Was nice to see a little truth squeezed in there though- lol.

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    Lol! They do the same with HFCS.. They even have a whole website dedicated to it ( and how it's made from corn, which is a natural grain.. it's because people are catching on, and CW is just trying to find another way to put a spin on it to seem healthy even though it clearly is not..

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    Pity that food pyramid supports the 'disclosure'. Now if they could try explain in English what the hell the bright orange stuff covering the grains comprises....

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    @Lillian: It's not CW trying to spin things as much as people trying to spin CW to fit within their framework.

    If in 100 years the planet was 80% primal then we would be the ones talking about primal as CW.

    Once you learn that you create your own reality and that you are fully responsible for your life, you can begin to see the world as it is and then you realize the limitless possibilities.

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