For those of you who have a hard time giving up grains permanently, as if MDA hasn't given you enough reason, then here is one extra bonus reason: Tonight I was going to cook some rice for my kids. We have the rice stored in a specially sealed up grain bucket from old CW days. (I used to grind my own grains and make bread.) Anyway, I found black bugs all in my rice. I looked them up online and found that this is very common. Here is one bit of info:

"Weevil eggs are in virtually every grain product you buy (flour, rice, cereal, oatmeal, etc, etc, etc). *Under the right conditions, they'll hatch. *Once hatched, they will invade your kitchen, finding pretty much any other grain stuff you've got on hand."

And another site said grocery stores spray regularly to kill bugs that hatch in the stores. So, unless you are into that kind of protein (?), maybe you'll be grossed out enough by thinking about eating hidden bug eggs to skip the grains.