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    Question Almond Butter ideas

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    As a recovering peanut butter addict, I have switched to almond butter, and I really like it. However, since I am not eating any bread, what are some good ways to enjoy eating an almond butter treat?

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    mix it with some coconut oil and unsweetened cocoa for a treat.

    spoon it into celery boats.

    you can also cook it with it, like you would a peanut sauce on some steamed veggies or stir-fry. thin it with some hot water, add some hot sauce and add into your dish.

    nut butters are a total trigger for me. no can keep in house.
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    Cut up an apple and dip in it.

    Second the stir-fry idea. Although I like to dump some coconut aminos in there to give it a little bit of peanut-teriyaki kind of taste.

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    Spread it on really good unsweetened baking chocolate. It's a poor substitute for a Reese's peanut butter cup, but I like it.

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    Dip in a spoon, pull out the spoon loaded with almond butter, put the spoon in your mouth, and lick it all off.
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    Put it on a hamburger patty... trust me. It sounds weird but I think it's delicious.
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    I lightly saute banana in some butter. Remove from heat. In a separate bowl I mix some extra virgin coconut oil unsweetened cocoa and almond butter. Drizzle over banana and enjoy. You could add sweetener to the sauce, but don't really need it.

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    Slice strawberries in half and put a little dollop in the middle and re-join in a nut butter fruit sandwich
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    I usually do this with walnut or pecan butter, but think it'd work with almond butter: Fill the inside of raspberries with little dollops and devour! It's sooooo good.

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