Ok, figure competitors probably aren't the healthiest people on the planet, and the goal of looking like one is probably unrealistic for me, but I thought I would reach out and see if there were any folks having that kind of success with primal eating. I am very careful with WHAT I eat, and I track, but I often just wind up blowing it by eating too much.

I have started working with a trainer who insists I need to up my carbs and eat things like oatmeal and "whole grains." I do love oatmeal. I had some. I didn't die. But I can't shake the feeling that I'm eating this stuff that probably isn't good for me. I'm going to focus more on things like sweet potatoes and rice for carbs. She also insists on cutting down fat; no butter, lean meats. I'm torn. I know that if I subsist on lean proteins, I get MAJOR headaches. And major crankypants. She also wants me to eat lots of times per day, which as much as I think IF has done wonders for people, I can't seem to make it work for me. Crankypants again. So I like eating more times per day, pain in the neck that it might be.

I'm tired of looking at every piece of food I eat and wondering if it's ruining my diet. I had a major hankering for carrots last night. So I got some. And ate 3. And it stressed me out. Who stresses out over eating carrots?! This girl, apparently.

I am fit and relatively lean, but I have been packing on weight over the last several months after quitting stimulants and wanting to be drug free. I know there are some other things going on besides the fact that I can't pry myself off the couch most nights and eat too much, but I would really love help and suggestions. I just want to get my diet dialed in for energy and leanness! And I want my clothes to stop getting tighter. Speaking of clothes, the crankypants need to go. I am pretty clean with my diet; I don't eat sweets, I don't eat processed foods, I mostly stick to meat + veggies + fat (except now I'm thinking of adding more carbs).

Thanks, guys and gals.

Here's what I'm trying out for eating:
B: 1/2c. oatmeal (ok I'll swap that for something better like rice or sweet potato? this is a new thing for me, I used to have eggs or bulletproof coffee every morning)
S: Almonds (portion controlled packs from Trader Joe's) or hard boiled eggs
L: Leftovers, usually ~6oz meat + veggies or salad + rice or sweet potato
D: Same as lunch

Those 6oz portions could easily be 12, though if I'm not careful.