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Thread: Best concert you've seen

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    Too many to choose from, but in terms of personal favorite, Morbid Angel at the Canopy Club in Champaign, IL. I believe it was 2003 or 2004. The show was incredibly intense, they played almost all of my favorite tracks from the first three albums (Their "classic" output). I was disappointed when my favorite track "Chapel of Ghouls" was left off their setlist, until they announced the last song, which was, you guessed it, "Chapel of Ghouls"... I stood transfixed by the song being played live, and then the solo started. I cannot describe the sounds that Trey coaxed out of that guitar, they were simply things that had to be heard to even be remotely understood. He wailed on that solo for almost 2 minutes, and just kept building up more riffs until he finally cut it off and finished the song. Seriously, I cannot express how amazing that version was... my buddy Brent talked about that for close to 3 months after the show...

    (At the same show: I also got headbutted in the face, split my eyebrow, bled EVERYWHERE, got removed from the crowd, given a towel, and got hugged by some cute chick in vinyl pants. That was a hell of an evening.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karma View Post
    The show was intense. A guy about 20 feet from us on the lawn (we called it the "mother bud") smuggled in a military phosphorus aerial flare. In the middle of the most incredible China-rider jam he shoots it off and the sucker deploys at about 500 feet elevation on a parachute. Lit the entire amphitheater up like day time. I was out of my mind on acid and nearly shit myself I was so amazed. These kids today have NO idea what a real concert experience is. It starts in the parking lot at 3:00PM with beers and nitrous oxide and ends at 4:00AM with beers and grilled cheese sandwiches. What happens in between is an adventure you will never remember, but will also never forget.
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    unfortunately for some of us younger fellas on here, we weren't really around to see the dead. total bummer. i can only imagine. the closest thing would most definitely be a phish show. during their original run, and even 2nd run, they were utterly amazing live, and anyone who has ever witnessed a glowstick war firsthand, can vouch for how utterly amazing those moments are.

    another amazing phish moment, for a totally different reason, was watching paige cry during "wading in the velvet sea" at coventry. that pretty much summed up the entire sentiment of the weekend.
    heh, yeah. The Grateful Dead shows I would go to would start on Friday afternoon and go all the way to Sunday evening.
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    I haven't been to many concerts. Most have been Canadian bands such as Metric, Barenaked Ladies, Chantal Kreviazuk, Our Lady Peace. Best concert was 30 Seconds to Mars last year (x2). Saw them in Montreal and then in LA, during my vacation.
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    All memorable: Todd Rundgren, U2, Pink Floyd, Rickie Lee Jones and Lyle Lovett (interesting double bill), Hank Williams III.

    But best? Definitely Dwight Yoakam, both with and without Pete Anderson. Best venue was some ratty club in Nashville where the stage was about 4 feet high and we were right in front of it.
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    Honorable mention:
    Rodrigo y Gabriela
    Derek Trucks
    Gov't Mule
    Foo Fighters at last year's Lalapalooza

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    Coheed & Cambria @ The Pipeline. 2009
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    i'm such a hipster, you guys wouldn't even know the names of the bands because they're too local: not sellouts! completely kidding. jealous, we don't get out much. I had a lot of fun at a Euforchestra shindig last year. but man, some of the bands you guys have seen: coheed, flogging molly, cage the elephant, jimmy buffet... doesn't quite count but I saw Spill Canvas quite a few times before they were famous. Dan and Landon were in my extended circle of friends in high school. Landon was crazy and scared me a bit, but Dan was a really nice guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderlust View Post
    Coheed & Cambria @ The Pipeline. 2009
    Need to see them.
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    I saw Lifehouse at the Gypsy in Dallas about a year after the Warped Tour with the same friend (boyfriend was no longer in the picture.) It was a decent show, and they were on, but it just doesn't match up to the Warped Tour.
    As a side note, my parents get both horrible parent and awesome parent awards for my very first concert ever. I went to Pink Floyd's Division Bell concert when it hit Dallas with my Mom, Dad, and a few of their friends. I was 9. Great light show, I was/ am a huge PF buff so all the songs rocked.. Everyone else was drunk or stoned out of their gourds. Most I may've gotten was a contact high and sugar high (I had 3 cans of soda at a point in my life where 1/3 of a can would have me wired til midnight.) Like I said, awesome/ horrible parent award there. Only reason it's not on top is I don't remember much of it.
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    I think the most enjoyable concert I was was John Denver, back in the mid-70s, before he really hit it big. Small venue, just him and a cello player on the stage. May 2000 people in the crowd. I also saw him two more times after he got popular and the man truly enjoyed playing to an audience.

    Other good ones have been Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Rush 2012 tour. Jethro Tull, 25th anniversery tour.

    On my bucket list of groups I still want to see are:

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