I know. I have read these threads, too. If I wasn't so completely desperate I wouldn't be begging for help... But I am.


Just finished 70 days of Atkins induction-level carbs (under 30g).
Lost 20 initially, have not lost a pound in 5 weeks.
49 year old, peri menopausal woman.
Switched to primal two weeks ago, added fruits, throttled calories back to 1800 (I am 5'9", 208 pounds).
Dairy: 3T HWC, occasional plain Greek yogurt
Fat 70%, carb 10%, protein 20%
Drinking CO with coffee
Walking, lifting small hand weights and "sprinting" (lol) 3x a week
Still in ketosis (sticks dark pink)

Sample day:
Coffee with CO and HWC, 3 eggs
Salad with leftover meat or fish, oil and vinegar
Meat or fish, spinach
Greek yogurt with strawberries, squares of 85% coffee
Snacks: 1 ounce almonds, diet coke, some grapes or berries, had a few Atkins bars over the last two weeks

If you are still listening, I have had two twelve day rounds of progesterone during this time.

Thank you so much for helping me out if you can. My back is against the wall.