I'm a little unclear as to why Mark chose to plan "lift heavy things" only 2x per week. Assuming that the heavy thing you are lifting is your own body weight, and not pushing around some boulder or lifting heavy free weights, why would he limit the pull ups/push ups/squat stuff? Based on his idea, Grok would likely have done those things everyday throughout the day as he climbed trees, squatted for barious things, scaled mountain sides, etc. Sprinting is also limited, but Grok likely sprinted at least once each day.

That being said, my concern is overtraining yet I want to get stronger faster. I get the importance of rest days, and I'm looking to avoid inflammation and stress as much as possible for adrenal fatigue. But couldn't I do the lift heavy things cycle more often and sprint more often for faster results as long as I rest? Or will I not benefit from that? I haven't been doing it long, so I have nothing to measure results by. I do know that even though I'm still doing modified versions of the exercises, I feel stronger in other activities like golf. I used to feel like a cooked noodle when I held a club.

So, what can I do to maximize or speed things along? I'm ready to get serious about it. I wouldn't mind beating my husband at golf as a side effect.