Hi all,
there are tons of posts regarding how people have had success with getting of or reducing symptoms of RA, after going Primal.

My wife and I went Primal sometime in March.
We are not 100%, due to social occasions with the accompanying slip-ups, but all in all we are fairly primal.
We eat well, exercise and are, in general fairly happy with PB.

Everything has been going well, when suddenly my wife developed fairly severe RA. This still has to be confirmed by a specialist, but that is our doctor's diagnosis and symptoms fit as well.

How can this be?
Going primal would tend to help people with RA, not the other way around.
We are at a loss.

Here are some answers to points that have come up.

Yes, we do eat nightshades and always have. Never had a problem.
Yes, we do consume dairy, but very little and it used to be much more actually. Never had a problem.
No, we do not eat Gluten anymore. But didn't even have a problem there.
No we do not eat legumes, but used to, wihtout issues.
No, she does not get adequate sleep in the sense that she always feels tired
Yes, we have a fair amount of stress in our life at the moment

We don't quite understand what has changed, that might have brought on this condition.
Our only guess right now - a combination of stress and sleeping problems over a longer period of time, finally causing a flareup.

This is fairly new for us, so if any of you have pointers beyond the already available information, ideas on what to do, I would appreciate it.