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Thread: Primal life and social life

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    Primal life and social life

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    I'm young male 18 in November. I've been eating according your PB for about 2 weeks now, and it's doubtless i've lost a bit of fat and gained a bit of muscle. I seem to even have a 6...rather 4 pack coming along now (in the right light). These results are great however I find it especially tough to stick to the diet mainly because of my social life. No alcohol isn't the problem I have always preferred straight up spirits, which is thankfully included in the allowed section. The problem lies when i go out with friends and we decide to get food. 9 times out of 10, there is no healthy option. My friends also tend to gravitate towards junk food, such as mcdonalds and KFC. I feel like a right prissy asshole if I go grab a salad. My mates suspect i'm going on some weight watchers diet or something, and consistently poke fun at it, joking that I have a body image problem. Frankly I cannot be bothered to outline The primal blueprint, and the flaws of conventional wisdom to them, instead I just maintain that I am eating healthy.

    Sorry for the long prologue anyway to the point:

    1. How can I make primal eating conducive to my social life?

    2.What would a decent (or least bad) take-away place be for primal eating?

    3.Once I achieve my desired result (8-10% body fat, and gain muscle to 160 pounds, im about 145 right now) Could I be more lenient with my eating, maybe like pizza of pasta every now and then, maybe once per fortnight?

    P.S. I almost forgot what is the stance on Marijuana according to primal life, is it detrimental

    Thanks for any and all helpful answers I receive

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    mark recommends an 80/20 approach. there is real life and there is the interwebs. personally, i have no desire for pizza or pasta anymore. i gave up grains almost 3 years ago and my health improved so dramatically they are never coming back into my diet.

    your call what you will allow back once you've got everything dialed in.

    i'd think at your age, telling your guys that you eat like a caveman and lift heavy things would make them jealous, lol.
    As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture, and as I drank their cold liquid from each shell and washed it down with the crisp taste of the wine, I lost the empty feeling and began to be happy and to make plans.

    Ernest Hemingway

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    Ask for just the meat patty at McDonald's? Maybe you could suggest that everyone go to places that have a lot of meat in general. Guys all like that stuff anyway, junk food or not being included in their diet, right?

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    Just tell them you are doing some bodybuilding and trying to get the 6-pack abs to pop so you are watching the grain/high carb intake. KFC? Go ahead and eat the chicken but leave the bread out. The mash potatoes are pretty small IIRC.

    Marijuana? It's hard on your lungs. All smoke is.
    Would I be putting a grain-feed cow on a fad diet if I took it out of the feedlot and put it on pasture eating the grass nature intended?

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