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    The coconut oil is awesome !

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    I had coconut water the other day. I LOVE COCONUT! But it was the foulest beverage I have ever consumed and I dumped it out.
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    Love coconut water, but I definitely have to agree that the juice from a fresh coconut is worlds better. The canned stuff is okay, but doesn't compare.

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    If you buy a whole coconut and knock the eyes out and drain the water you get a very small amount and it is DELICIOUS. If you buy those cartons in the shop it is the same stuff but you get loads (20 coconuts worth?) and it tastes stale.

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    I like to add the water from a fresh coconut to my frozen banana ice cream. That's such a treat. Especially if you add some of the coconut meat, and some fresh pineapple. Tropical ice cream.

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    I like to drink it both straight from green coconut, and commercial store-bought coconut water also taste very good. However its naturally quite sweet as any other juice - here is the article about coconut water and weight loss so you can see, that's why I don't drink it very often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
    I like to take it on my long runs in my camel back. If you mix the plain one with lemon lime nuun electrolyte tabs, it tastes like Mountain Dew soda

    The chocolate zico is to die for, especially with some coconut milk or cream.
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    I had thought about putting non-water liquids in my camelbak (who needs a litre of tea? This guy.), but I was unsure how well it all cleans out - especially things with sugar, which would become a breeding ground for bacteria, I'd think. Do you do anything special, or just fill it with plain water and drain it out?


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