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Thread: Angry Paleo Cat is Angry

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    Angry Paleo Cat is Angry

    Let's get started.

    Isisinabi, aka Angry cat, and I been doin paleo for about 3 weeks now. I decided that 6/18/12 was going to be my first day though, and have decided to start putting my thoughts online for whatever reason. So first, an introduction.

    So yes, I am known as Angrycat (NOT a real cat, sadly). I am a 31 year old female who wasted both her teen years and all her 20s being fat, angry at myself for being fat, and putting myself in a small corner with a cupcake and some Prozac. There's nothing quite right about feeling like you constantly are on the brink of ending things because you can't let go of the "baby fat". I stumbled upon this basically because I knew something was out there that made sense, all this other crap just had to be wrong. I ate whole grains like I was told, I ate exactly 1500 calories like my doctor told me to, and I worked out 5 days a week, trying so desperately to get it all off and nothing worked. I stayed around 315 regardless of what I tried.

    Since beginning paleo, I have gone from 315 to 300. I can't imagine what it's going to be like not being over 300 pounds.

    So here is what I wrote 6/18/12:

    I feel pretty strong. Not tired all day, contacts upsetting my eye but nothing to do with diet. I have been eating eggs (3), spinach and mushrooms for breakfast. Today I parked at the end of the parking lot to walk as far as I can today. Going to start doing that everyday. I know I am not supposed to workout yet but I need to walk. I also need to take my iron and B12, and my fish oil for the fats. I need to have a good guide for a weekly recipe list. Lunch was leftover pork sirloin cooked in chicken stock, with green beans and kale. I had a slice of peach which was very tart but good. Still wonder if I eat enough.

    6:57: slightly tired, want some tea. The walk helped me wake up a lot. Been feeling warmer lately.
    9:16: really hot. Probably burning something off.
    9:48: really hot again. went for an 8 minute walk around the block. Hot as hell. I need to run or something, my energy is off the hook. Kinda hungry so I nommed some almonds.
    Still 302lbs.

    1 boiled egg +5 pieces of bacon for breakfast.
    2 eggs lunch and chicken breast.
    4 almonds
    4 blueberries.

    Walked today, 15 minutes. I got 126 bpm
    Still 302lbs

    I had 2 burgers minus bun and cheese for dinner last night. Got really really sleepy. Woke up to 2lbs lighter! WOO 300!

    Lunch 2 hamburgers, almonds.

    1st break, walked for 15 minutes, 153bpm

    I worry about a lot of things when it comes to paleo eating. Am I doing it right? Am I walking enough? Am I eating right? Will this be the thing I need to finally be normal. Although I feel like it's too late.

    Dinner will consist of eggs and bacon, I don't want any vegetables and I'm really really exhausted. I might go to bed in the next hour.
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