I'm quite keen on cutting blue light out of my evenings when the situation allows, but I've been having trouble. My primary pre-bedtime habit is reading by candlelight, and I have a terrible qualm with it.

I use some tea lights I got from my local perfumery, which are, unfortunately, unreliable. When you first light them the flame is so dim I have to light lots and lots, as the flame doesn't really get illuminating until the wick has burned a few minutes, melted the wax slightly, and had the wax harden again.

I sleep on the floor atop a sleeping bag -- in it, in winter; I'm in Texas -- and place some on both sides of me to ensure total lighting. In the best of times I only need two, but when the candles aren't burning in my favor I can use up to six at once, and they go fast.

I have plenty to keep me going for now, but once I run out I want a better, more reliable alternative. Are there, perhaps, flame sources out there better suited to light up the place, or perhaps a non-blue light emitting electronic.

I do have and have used orange-tinted glasses, but I don't like that the light can still seep in around the borders and the way my color perception is so drastically changed. I also have F.lux on my computer, but that's largely irrelevant.