Sooo, after 2 years of trying and 5 months of fertility treatment, it finally happened!!! Technically speaking, I am 4 weeks, found out on fathers day i have been mostly primal since March (cut out gluten in nov.). I really want to continue primal throughout my pregnancy.

Before now, I have been keeping carbs around 50g. The hormone therapy has really wrecked hovoc on my weight. I was trying to lose, or atleast keep from gaining, but I think I put on a few instead (haven't weighed in a few months b/c it's depressing!) So, I want to increase carbs around 150g mainly through full-fat dairy and root veg. I have been avoiding. I'm quite excited to have a sweet potato actually!

I also think I need to rein in my exercise a bit as well. I'm a fitness instructor and teach 12 classes a week. Some, I don't have to participate in but many I do. It is difficult for me to hold back, but feel I need to. There is a fear of miscarriage (not confirmed by a doctor) b/c of the trouble of conceiving to begin with. I really don't want to exhasberate any chances by pushing too hard.

I am a chronic food tracker so this journal will be filled with that. I am so open to any advice out there! I gained 26lbs. W/ my first pregnancy and would LOVE to keep it at that for this one!