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Thread: Attempting primal pregnancy

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalmontana View Post
    Question: does/did anyone else get crazy muscle cramps when pregnant? Out of nowhere the other day my calf cramped up, it lasted 3 days! I started drinking coconut water and eating bananas. I just thought it was odd.
    I got one at night and walked it off. I think it was after I'd puked; I don't remember. I was probably dehydrated, so it would make sense. Sorry, I don't know any more.

    I drink a lot of mineral water, though. Every dinner. I go through a bottle of Gerolsteiner every other day. It doesn't have a ton of minerals in it compared to, say, a supplement, but I wonder sometimes if it's why I don't have a problem with muscle cramps.

    Quote Originally Posted by primalmontana View Post
    Also, I'm not as regular as I usually am, what to do about constipation?
    Just weathering that storm, here. Heh. -_-

    I'm usually super regular, so it's kind of weird having such a slooooow digestion suddenly....

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    the only leg cramp i got was in labor. that was the most painful part of my birth. I would say stretch also, and see if you can get some massage. it might just be some acting up around an adhesion of the fascia.

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    I have been MIA for so long, life getting in the way. I am sorry to say my attempt at a primal pregnancy has been a royal FAILURE so far. I am having major food aversions to anything and everything primal and healthy. The sight and smell of meat makes me nauseous, I am force-feeding myself veggies and fat makes me turn green. So that said, what's a girl to eat!? Well, lots of fruit, nut butters are still okay. Here's the bad part, grains and pasta have sadly been my friends lately. I keep telling myself tomorrow will be better, no grains. Come morning, however, I stand with the fridge open, starving, and nothing sounds good but buttered toast. Sigh, well, hopefully after the first trimester ends in a few weeks I will get my appetite back.

    My energy has been significantly lower as well. Probably a combo of the pregnancy and all the grains I'm eating. My poor husband has a very lazy wife who takes 3 hr. naps daily! Luckily he is very understanding.

    I'm hoping that being more active on MDA will help kick start my eating habits again. I was avoiding this site for awhile b/c I feel so non-primal at the moment but I know its good for me to keep reading and participating in posts.

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