I have a friend who has been on the primal plan now for two years and has been pestering me relentlessly to get on it. I'm 50. I'm totally out of shape. I have zero energy. Feel tired when I wake up, exhausted by afternoon, just a couch potato. I'm overweight by at least sixty or seventy pounds. Oh, did I mention I feel like crap most of the time: emotionally and physically? I developed adult asthma. I have upper GI issues. I am on medication for high blood pressure and mild depression.

My wife on the other hand is amazingly in good shape and just ran a half-marathon.

I finally got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and decided to kick myself in the butt and do something about it.

So, I picked up Mark's book and the 21 day plan.

I've always been truly satisfied food-wise when I get high quality animal protein, so this plan is perfect for me.

It is now day three since ZERO grain and ZERO sugar and I already feel more energetic and "alive/alert."

My only concern at this point is that I'm so out of shape there is no way I can even begin to do a pull up!!

But I'm going to keep working at it.