How much is everyone currently lifting? How do you feel your lifts are doing at your current size?

I am doing Starting Strength, week 12. Current lifts are:

Squat: 280: 3x5
Overhead Press: 130: 3x5
Deadlift: 305: 1x5
Bench Press: 195: 3x5
Power Clean: 180: 3x5
Weighted Chinups/Pullups: 30: 3x5

I want to get my overhead press and bench press up, I am happy with my progression on the others so far. I am starting to stall on my squat and Power Clean but this is the first stall so I will keep working. Deadlift is going up, I had to stop at 300 for a couple workouts because I needed to buy more weights.

I am 5'-11" and 185 lbs, 27 years old.

Anyone else want to share??