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    Ugh, I am jealous of all you guys who engage in weight lifting. You can easily lift 1-2x body weight starting out. Gah.

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    I think my previous experience (Trained religously 3 - 4 days a week) has persisted somewhat, I'm not a beginner.

    I have seen some incredible feats of lifting done by women, stick with it!

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    Bench Press - 5x5 ~ 155# barbell or 75# dumbbells.
    Squats - 3x5 225#. Debating whether to try to add weight or sets
    Deadlifts - 1RM - 365#
    Overhead press - 5x5 - 115#, but I cheat (bounce at the knees to get the bar off my chest)
    Muscle-ups - best set so far is 9, but I regularly do 3 sets of ~7
    Pull-ups - Always do these last for some reason, so I'm exhausted and usually get ~ 3x10 unweighted or 3x5 with 25-35#
    Power cleans - Form isn't there yet. Getting squat form perfect/near perfect then I'll start working on the cleans. Tracks with Overhead press though.
    Dumbbell snatches - 3x5 (each side) - 70 or 75#
    Overhead squat - Can't do them yet. Working on increasing hip/shoulder/scapular mobility because I really want to do these.

    I'm 30 and just a hair under 140#.

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    Looks like everyone is doing awesome!

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    5'10 190lbs 34 years old

    Backsquat 405x1
    Front Squat 305x1
    Deadlift 495x1
    Overhead Standing Strict Press 205x1
    Push Press 265x1
    Bench Press 295x1
    285x1 Power Clean
    Deadhang Pullup 1RM Bodyweight + 105lbs on belt

    Since its summer my goals have switched some to my passion which is mountain biking and downhilling. I do however lift heavy 1-2 times per week on squat/deadlift/press with a simple 5x5, then go for 1-2 RM after.

    Winter in Alaska rolls around again I will refocus on heavy stuff and go for some new Goals of....

    425 Back Squat
    315 Front Squat
    525 Deadlift
    225 Overhead Strict Press
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    105kg Log Lift - 6 in 60sec
    60kg to 110kg atlas stones - 75sec
    2x120kg Farmer Walk 50m - 90sec
    20kg Keg Toss - about 14 feet
    I've got of one them journal thingies. One Night At McCool's

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    Just began Starting Strength last last week as everything seemed to be plateauing. So here are my modest stats for now:

    Squat - 165 3x5
    Deadlift - 185 1x5 (Was doing 245 until I corrected my form...I was doing them stiff-legged before)
    Bench - 150 3x5
    Overhead - 85 3x5
    Pullups - 35+ w bodyweight, 3x10-12 w 25lb plate
    Chinups - 20+ w bodyweight, 3x8-10 w 25lb plate

    Basically this all tells me that most of my power is in my back, while I have the leg strength of a ten-year-old girl.

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    Squat- 275x3
    Bench- 215x3
    Press- 140x3
    Deadlift- 325x4
    Powerclean 165x3

    Started SS a year ago, few resets and breaks due to work and injury (if you feel your lumbar spine round during rep 3 of a heavy dead, don't go for that 4th rep. Ask me how I know.). Running leangains style RPT now, hoping to continue strength gains while trying to shed some of this belly and ass fat. Started at 147# BW last spring, peaked at a bloated 169, would like to be 155-160, and hit a 225 bench, BW press, 405 DL and 315 squat by years end.

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    I maxed out my bowflex!

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    no idea what my max is for bench. I am doing 3 sets of 225, 6 times. Never have a spotter to try max.
    dead is 305
    iam 194 pounds pre primal, 184 now. been primal for about a month.

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