Hi! This is where I will be posting my ups and unders of a primal(ish) pregnancy. This is my second, so I'm trying not to set myself up for failure knowing morning sickness is a beast! There will be ice cream at some point! I was officially 4 weeks along as of yesterday. My husband, son, and I have been primal for 2-1/2 months so far. We tried twice (two days) for this baby before we decided we wanted to wait 6 more months...but our bodies had different ideas and this baby is meant to be!

So far, I have slight sickness in the morning, but it immediately passes after I get out of bed. I have a little pressure in my lower abdomen and it hurts, slightly, on my left side if I try to suck in my stomach. My boobs are already huge! I'm tired in the afternoons. I crave FAT! I've been eating cheese (grilled on the stove), bacon, meat, some veggies, and fruit. I'm still having a coffee in the morning, but feeling a little guilty about it. Anyone else drink coffee through their pregnancy?

That's it for now!