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    After recently learning a lot more abut the dangers of soy I also hate seeing people make it a staple in their diet. My mother drinks probably 4-5 containers of soy milk per WEEK. And my friend that I mentioned is replacing meat with stuff like veggie pate and tofu and all that. I hate being confrontational with food though, especially since I am quite new to eating this way and was a pretty big believer in vegetarian diets before this.

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    Eat a bunch of good Primal food before you meet him (??) so you won't be tempted.

    Soy! Ouch. Primal Child has it. Better wheat that that soy crap. At least wheat doesn't make your testes shrink. (OK, I know, a bit of hyperbole.)

    Or find a restaurant that you can both be happy with.

    Depending on the type of person and friend that he is, you might ask him why it is that no one is trying make a rib eye steak taste like tofu........

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    I used to be a soy girl! Soy milk and tofu and everything. No more though (and I knew I was hypothyroid, oh well) I second eating a meal before you go and then having a yummy thai veg coconut curry. Sometimes you get great thai coconut soups that you can have with out the noodles. There's nothing wrong 'bout upping your veggie intake. What about a spicy salad or a little bit of fermented soy? Or something nutty? I would go and eat something though as it's not the first or last time you're going to go out to a veggie restaurant and you might as well try navigating the menu.

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    It's a Thai restaurant. Just get a big ol' veggie dish, avoid the soy crap altogether, ask that they don't serve you rice, and have some tea.

    And most of all enjoy your friends company.

    If you want to warn your friend about soy, do it before or the day after the meal.

    Perhaps it is just me, but I don't see why this is complicated. Granted it blows your carbs out, but if you are avoiding grains, starches, soy and excess sugar then just right it off under 80/20.

    And next time you tell your friend you are going to the "all you can eat rib shack", the one down the street where they hose down the tables after every meal... :-P

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    Some good advice so far. Still, it sounds like this meet up is more about catching up with a friend than it is about the meal. So why not focus more on your friend and less on the location. Enjoy it for what it is - a chance to catch up in a new place - and don't make your friend feel awkward.

    A big +1 to OtB's suggestion about filling up on some fat and meat beforehand. That way you can enjoy a "light" vegetarian meal with your friend and not feel the need to hit the rice or soy.

    Not to freak you out further, but Thai food is an interesting quandry. There's more potential "non Primalness" to it than just rice and soy. Are there peanuts as a garnish? Was that stir fry cooked in canola or corn oil? How much sugar did they use to make the sauce sweet?

    Your best bet may be to explore the soups and salads. I'm guessing you could probably get a green papaya salad and vegetable tom kha w/o soy. Steamed vegetables might also be a good option.

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