Hey guys, I've been a primal diet follower for a while now and was doing really well but had a big screw up over the past three weeks. Through tough work and a caloric restriction diet I managed to get pretty slim and could finally see my top 4 abs when flexing, albeit I still had a good bit of fat on my lower stomach and chest. I went out of the country for two weeks and gained a small amount of weight but it wasnt much and i was confident i'd be able to lose it pretty quickly. However, once I got back I had to stay at my mother's house for a while because I had moved out of my appartment before my trip and am moving into a new place in July. During that week I had a crazy all out binge on pastries and ice cream and gained a bit more fat. I decided to go stay with friends out of town a few days ago and will be here till saturday. I planned on being healthy and careful about what I eat but they seemed to have a different agenda. Every night we've gone out to eat and dessert is always involved as well as alcohol. I'd estimate that total fat gain since before my trip out of the country is probably about 10 pounds. Thats ten pounds of fat in one month! This is obviously my fault seeing as i have the will power to just say "no thanks" but I guess coming off of a calorie restricted plan and being submersed in a new environment where junk food is everywhere really threw me out of my routine. I plan on being more careful for the rest of the week and re-establishing a healthy diet and exercise plan once I'm home. I'll be more careful not to restrict calories as much in the future as to avoid a binge cycle. Anyway, i'm just looking for support. Do you think this fat will be easier to lose because it was gained so rapidly? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks guys