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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    That book sounds like a good option for you then! I guess I get a bit zen about the whole potential for death thing. I'd likely be flying with the only person I'd want to say goodbye to anyway. It's probably the one situation in life that I could get zen about, I am anxious about practically everything else.
    I would be screaming "I told you I didn't want to go on this damn vacation!"
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    I don't fly enough to be afraid of it. I'm anxious until I get back on flat, dry land, but it's not fear (unless you count my fear/ distaste for hordes of people being close to me.)
    My fear that's a long similar line is heights that move. Mountains? I'm fine. Planes? Those heights don't bother me either (yes, the plane's moving, but I'm not afraid of the heights there)? Put me on top of a telephone pole, a tall skyscraper, or the St. Louis arch and watch me go screaming for the center of the room away from the windows and the swaying sensation. And you'd better not expect me to jump off or out of something perfectly good and stable either.
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    I tweaked my enormous fear of flying into a "normal" disliking of flying. Whenever i have the possibility to go by any other means than a plane, i do it. This sometimes means i have to leave 5 or even 20 hours earlier, my boss doesn't pay for that. When avoiding planes is possible, i do it! Because i like trains and boats and busses and the true feeling of travelling it gives. I am also really good in sleeping on chairs and/or working on laptops in busses. While the stress level i get from airports or planes is insideous. It also feels so unnatural and disconnected, flying that is, which is a mind game, i know.

    However, i did get myself on a plane last January when i had to cross a significant sea. I even looked into other means of travelling, yes, but in the end, lots of chocolate and wine helped me through! No real tips here, only to find out what causes your fear. I realised mine is a dozen of things, not only emotional but part to a distaste of flying short distances in Europe and the BS that is..

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    I have more of a fear of crashing. The flying part is no sweat.

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    I used to have severe anxiety attacks while flying. One day I just told myself to "let go". Accept it for what it is and that there is nothing I can do to control the situation. I gave up control. Now, flying is completely enjoyable, again...well, I do have a two year old, so as enjoyable as that can be! But, seriously, just decide to let go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by friesonmyburger View Post
    I have more of a fear of crashing. The flying part is no sweat.
    And most are not so lucky to crash.

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    It's like the World End.

    I always tell the People, "you're not so lucky that the world will end!"

    Look, guy, plane won't crash, and if it does, well, you won't know it, WILL YOU??

    Don't need to read a book to understand that. Just read the Dado.

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    2 cents worth of advice from someone who fly's a corporate jet for a living: Fear of flying has a lot to do with a lack of control over your fate because flying isn't natural for us . Add to that a lack of understanding for the science of flight and bingo - anxiety.

    The engineering incorporated into modern airliners is amazing. Systems redundency is to the point that no single failure in any critical system is really that bad. For example, in the jet I fly, there are four sources of electricity plus batteries, three hydraulic systems, backup control cables to the flight controls, all in addition to the obvious redundency of two engines.

    I spend a lot of time flying over the remotest parts of this planet; my biggest concern out there is a medical emergency not a mechanical failure.

    Turbulence may be uncomfortable, but it is rarely dangerous. Two biggest causes of turbulence are a big change in air temperature over a short distance or a big change in wind speed over a short distance. Sometimes, we know about those conditions beforehand and can avoid those areas, sometimes we don't.

    That book may help. If you get to the point you feel up to it, a "discovery flight" at your local airport in a small airplane with an instructor may help a lot. You might have to search a bit for an instructor with the right demeanor. You want someone who will take a lot of time on the ground going over how the airplane works. I know that whenever we have a nervous flyer aboard, if I can convince them to join us in the cockpit to see how things are done, it always helps. Unfortunately, you can't do that in an airliner.

    I started flying small airplanes in high school. I wasn't old enough to drive yet, so I rode my bike to the airport. I'm still in love with it. I fly for free; I get paid to be away from home

    Good luck and let me know if I can answer any questions.

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    What do you fly Jim? Citation?

    BTW I always figure you're more likely to bite the dust driving to the airport than you are after take off.
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    I used to have a terrible flight anxiety. A friend who is a physician finally talked me in to trying some lorazepam for flight. Damn that stuff is good. Even during terrible turbulence during and international flight over the ocean I had no problems. I kept thinking "wow, I should really be scared right now" but I wasn't.

    It works so well, that now a lot of time I don't even need to take it. Just knowing I have it in my bag in case i get nervous means I can work through it a little better.

    I'm not afraid of dieing. I just HATE the sensation of dropping during take-off, landing, and turbulence. It causes me to panic and want to scream running from the plane.
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