I have given up all grains and am choosing this way of eating primarily for weight loss and health benefits. I am a sedentary female, height 5ft 6in and weigh about 74kg. I have to take thyroxine as I have only half a thyroid gland. I would like to get back to before I gave up smoking weight of around 64kg.

My typical day would be

Beakfast (if I am hungry) -two scrambled eggs with butter and splash of milk,

Lunch - usually not hungry but may have some nuts or cheese and olives

Dinner - about 120g of either meat with salad and brocili or fish usaully with loads of salad leaves, and an olive oil based dressing.

I drink about two coffees with cream and two tea with milk, also one or two white wines in the evening.

I tracked my food yesterday and got through 1700cals, 100g protein, 129fat (all the olive oil and butter) and 30g of carbs.

Sometimes I am not hungry all day so just eat an evening meal so cals are about 1000.

been on this eating plan for a month now and have only lost two kg. where am I going wrong?