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Thread: Eczema

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nady View Post
    Wow~ I never had patches as big as hers, but at one point, I didn't have a square inch area on my body that didn't have eczema of one form or another, (there are several different types) After wasting too much money on doctors that said *we don't know what causes eczema* and trying too many medications that did nothing, I was told I'd just have to live with it, or live on Prednisone. The general idea at the time, was that eczema was triggered by stress.

    I can't tell you what the pain was like, or the itching~ how many nights I couldn't sleep or woke up with bloody sheets because I scratched in my sleep. Sometimes I couldn't even stand the feel of clothes on my body. Taking a shower was painful, not washing was unacceptable. DH faithfully applied AHA lotion on my back every night while I sat and cried from the sting, but it was the only thing I had found that promoted healing. Honestly, my life was a nightmare.

    One morning, I realized that the only thing I had control over was what I put in my mouth. So, I stopped eating. By the third day of the fast, there was measurable improvement on my skin, by the sixth, I had no new breakouts! By the ninth, my skin was clear, or almost. I broke the fast on the tenth day and kept a very careful food diary. I quickly learned that grains were my trigger.

    It's been years, but still react to grains~ I'd say gluten, but corn bothers my immune system too. I can't say diet is the only cause of eczema, but I think it's a contributing factor for many. After finding PB, I can see I'm not so unique with my grain sensitivity~ makes me wonder though, if grains made my skin such a mess, what was it doing to my insides?
    Thanks for sharing Nady. I've been watching any eczema threads that pop up b/c my 3yr old daughter has it. It only flares in the spring/summer but, it can get really bad on the humid days and I hate seeing the cut skin, scratching etc. Poor thing.

    Thanks for the link Yogabear. Interesting journy for that woman but, it looks like she is saying eat a Primal-pescatarian diet. I guess that wouldn't be hard for my daughter since she won't eat meat of any type anyways (but, will eat dairy.) I've haven't done a full elimation diet on her b/c she already restrict so much from her own diet due to major issues with texture that she'd really have hardly any variety (we do our best primally for her). Sadly, after reading this, I'm even more convinced that it's diet. Well, a combination of diet and environment that causes the breakouts. I've been sitting on doing anything rash (ie elimination diet) b/c it's not that bad and creams have help reduce it. As she gets older, we'll see.

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    Eczema has to do with the overreaction of the immune system to various substances. So herbal remedies that balance the immune system are very helpful in treating eczema. I take serena skin anti-eczema extract twice a year to prevent break outs. It works very well for me. I don't have flare ups since I started this treatment.

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