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Thread: How does LDL gets oxidized?

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    How does LDL gets oxidized?

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    By exposure to oxgyen? Heat?

    Any info would be greatly apprecited!


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    Starts with poor know vegetable oils....they oxidize easier than the stable kind like lard, butter, and tallow. <---my initial response...when looking at articles you'll find :

    Reduced carb:
    Oh there is this cool thing bout exercise...

    I'm gonna say anything that humans should not be eating, but are will cause oxidized LDL....including exess carbs, exess bad fats (PUFA), on and so forth. Bottom line....treat health to be healthy, disease is just a state of altered physiology that is your body adapting to its current CRAP environment. Fix the environment rather than treating the adaptation.
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    oxidation has to do with the exchange of Hydrogen and oxygen in the cell. Essentially its an incomplete equation. Google Cell respiration.

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    What Is Oxidized Ldl? | LIVESTRONG.COM

    Understanding Free Radicals and Antioxidants

    I think these provide an okay explanation.

    PUFA and MUFA are more reactive than SFA because of the presence of double bonds in PUFA and MUFA. The more there are, the more unstable it is.

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    thanks all!

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