At the moment, I am doing Wing Chun once a week and do bodyweight strength training 3x a week. I don't do cardio or sprint sessions, because I get some form of cardio in the kung fu classes and when doing the exercises. I walk to most places, too.

I find that the bodyweight exercises are well, boring. I love calisthenics, love the idea of using your own body as a form of resistance and will always go back to them but the same routine 3x a week is just a drag. I have some days where I cannot wait to get under the bar and will put all my effort into the reps but more often than not, I get bored. This is probably the reason I change routine every 2 or so weeks because I am constantly looking for something new and have a constant thought in the back of my head that the programming is bad. I know if I keep one routine up and stay consistent, I'll see results - but it isn't fun.

I do need a bit of play too. While I have friends, I don't have a huge social life and they're all away working or spending time on the couch, while I am unemployed and try to make the most of my time jobless.

I've dabbled the following in the past few years:

  • Jogging (C25K) - fun
  • Tae Kwon Do - fun
  • Capoeira - fun
  • Parkour (fun)
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu - fun

Ideally, I would like to look good naked (don't we all ) and get stronger, but the most important thing is movement and play. I'm a big fan of MovNat, Exuberant Animal (thanks Lewis) and well, having fun.

Current stats are 5'8", 155~lbs, 15% BF. Would love to be 160lbs with 10-12%~ bf. Thinking of just hitting the iron 3x a week and go look for recreation sport around my area too (ultimate frisbee anyone?)

What do you guys think?