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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

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    I just registered after lurking a while so I could post on the BO thread. I couldn't resist that one. I've been doing primal for a few weeks again and reading Mark's site mostly because it completely in sync with my own personal experience. I will hit 60 this year and it's time to stop screwing around. I'm a complete carb addict with a raft of health problems, a bunch of permanent meds mostly for BP and to keep my heart from exploding with a bunch of weight to lose. I've been told not to exercise more than walking, which is making my dogs very happy indeed. I've already lost 100lbs once, years ago, but a lot of it has crept back. Nothing like approaching mortality for a wake up. I hope to gain motivation from you all and I really love the success stories I've read. Thanks.


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    Welcome Tercio. I'm 69 and primal is working great for me.
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