Hi, I stumbled across this lifestyle while researching low carb regimes, primarily as I had reached a weight loss plateau. It seems to make sense but I'm not sure I can adjust my diet so drastically. Over the last month I have tried to make some changes based on the primal rules. Before I was eating breakfast: cereal and two pieces of wholemeal toast, lunch:a wholemeal sandwich (protein filling) and another bit of wholemeal toast and a standard dinner with carbs and protein. I kept empty calorie snacks to a minimum but did have weak moments sometimes. After working out at the gym I'd have pitta bread and hummus. My weight was 12st 7 pounds from December until May this year (I'm 6ft.07), down from 13st, 5pounds the previous year-I lost 12 pounds in 8 months from a combination of exercise and getting ill on a trip abroad. I had never gone above 11stone 5 pounds until I took a medication that caused problems with my metabolism and thyroid-I'm now off it. It's my goal to get back to about 11 and a half stone and I changed my breakfast to: one piece of wholemeal bread and either 2 quorn sausages, 2 pieces of bacon or an omelet made from 2 eggs with cheese/ham all cooked in olive oil. Also a small bowl of sugar free museli (even though I know it's not allowed) as I often wake up very hungry and need something before waiting for the other bits to cook, plus an apple. Lunch: A sandwich made from 2 pieces of wholemeal bread with cheese or meat filling. Sometimes a couple of riveta crackers with hummus or philadelphia if I'm still hungry. Dinner is the same as before as I eat with family, although I try to avoid too much bread or pasta. After I work out I have riveta crackers with hummus or philadelphia rather than pitta bread. I think I'm in the weight maintenance carb range as I must be eating at least 100g but less than 150mg. Since I'm still having less carbs than before though I thought it would help my weight and health. Having eaten like this for the last month I've lost 7lb of weight but according to the gym fat measuring scales gained 4.5lb of fat?! This is up from 26% to 30% even though I look the same. I know these scales aren't always accurate but they have consistently showed a slow reduction from 31.7% and 26kg at my heaviest to 26% and 20.6kg last month at 12stone, 7pounds. Now apparently I'm 11stone, 13pounds but with a fat mass of 22.7kg and 30%. I'm confused as to whether the way I'm eating is doing me good or not, I'd like to do the primal plan properly but I don't like many vegetables or salads and I love carbs so am not sure I can cut them down low enough. What I'm asking really is whether it's better to up protein and fat and cut carbs a bit or if I can't stick to a low enough carb intake abandon the plan altogether. I'm happy to be closer to my weight target but really concerned about the apparent fat gain! Sorry for the long post, I hope someone more experienced can tell me if there's anything simple I can do to improve things. Exercise wise I do 2-3 gym work outs with weights then 20mins cardio a week and 30mins-1 hour of walking most days.