Hey guys,

GREAT board btw. Lots of great information on here. Now I am not 100% primal although i am trying to be. I'm doing sort of a half primal half carb-backloading deal, trying to lower my BW to 220 for powerlifting purposes. Our workouts arent the ordinary, as they are extremely heavy and taxing.

It seems alot of the members here dont feel that PWO isnt as important as its made out to be and i tend to disagree with this. I do alot of research and most if not all of the sources stress that a quick acting protein/amino/carb based meal/shake is needed within 30 minutes, then again in an hour. For myself ill eat carbs all night until bed on a workout day.

I know as far as my protein powder ive been using Hydrolized Isolate per John Kiefers request, aka the author of carb backloading. I now know how processed and basically bad that protein is for you so i'm going to switch to grass-fed undenatured whey concentrate. I think i will continue using Rilose which is simply rice sugar for some quick carbs.

What are everyones views on this? any other primal powerlifters?