I was going to post this over in the bodybuilding forum, but figured the dudes over there would be all, "Eat oats, bro!"

So here goes.

Anyone familiar with cutting knows about the ECA Stack. I've got a show coming up and have been on the stack once a day for the last 3 weeks or so. Problem is I'm starting to get REALLY nauseous between my first meal (6:30am) and my third meal (2:00pm). Like really, really nauseous. Like watching Bambi with your bros and trying not to cry nauseous.

Anything I can eat to counteract the feeling without sacrificing the effects of the stack or veering outside the primal lines?

Between the three morning meals I'm eating about 8 eggs, a pound of chicken breast, a few cups of green veggies, butter, a bunch of red meat, and usually a sweet potato or three.