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Thread: Hello from Malta - PB Newbie page

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    Hello from Malta - PB Newbie

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    Hi Everyone! I'm Giannella, 25-year old Malteser from Malta

    Introducing Myself
    I've started PB with my fiancée, we're both looking to tone and trim a bit decrease that body fat by around 10% or so, we want to improve our generic health and fitness, also trying to cut bad habits like the routine pizza take-out on Saturdays. I had already been reading MDA since early 2012, we were both pretty impressed with the results people on here have achieved and decided to give it a go together this June.

    PB Day 1: 7th June 2012
    Both started out as normal bordering overweight on the BMI chart, 25%+ BFP.

    -We're both recreational tennis players and enjoy 2-3 games a week.
    -Since starting PB we picked up early morning jogs - 30 minutes or so, also 2-3 days a week.
    -I'm improving my cooking skills which were practically close to zero, at least now I know I can cook
    -I also believe we're now communicating more trying to coordinate between tennis, jogging, food-prep. PB improved our relationship, and this in just 2 weeks!

    So that's my intro!
    I'm excited to share my experience with you all and get to know more about this fantastic lifestyle!

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    Good luck Giannella - nice to see a fellow Malteser - although I live in Canada!

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    Welcome! It is great to see primal folks all over the world. Good luck!
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    Hello Giannella, I'm in Malta and have a good level (I think). If you want we can be in touch to arrange a game. I use to play in the Pembroke Rackets Club, close so Paceville and I can play at anytime. ( I'm member there ).
    I hope to know something about you.
    Regards, Nicolas ( )

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    Welcome Giannella. Malta looks like such as beautiful place (according to photo's on the Internet anyways). Glad to have you and your fiance aboard.

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