Does anyone know how to improve fat metabolism? Not so much in the sense of losing weight, but of being able to effectively run on body fat and feel good while doing so. I ate a carb-heavy CW "healthy" diet (with the occasional pizza thrown in) up through October last year, and then plunged into primal and haven't looked back in the past 9 months. I'm really pretty strict about it, absolutely NO grains, industrial oils, processed foods, etc.

I've tried various levels of carb consumption, from ultra-low to about 3 servings of moderate carb food (ex: apple, sweet potato, walnuts) per day. I've also tried varying total calories from 1200-1400 on up to 1600-1800. No matter what, I have very low energy levels. If I go too long between lunch and dinner, I start to feel nauseated or even weak/dizzy. It feels like low blood sugar. I'm confused though, I thought that by consistently eating this way, I would force my body to become better at metabolizing fat. It's been a solid 9 months though, with no progress. When I try to work out, I feel like every cell of my body is starved for energy - - but I somehow can't access what I have stored up. All the calculators I've seen put me at ~25% BF so there's plenty there ... why can't I use it? I'm not even all that worried about losing weight (another 20% BF would be awesome ). I just want to find this nice steady energy I've heard about, and stop feeling like I'm swimming underwater if I so much as walk a mile. Any ideas??