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    Question I hate cardio, is it necessary?

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    I just got Brazil but lift, and have Chalean extreme. In both of these programs they have Cardio days, I honestly think I'd work out and follow these programs if I didn't have to do cargo! I bike to work, and don't own a car. Id say I average about 40 miles a week walking.. Must I do cardio? I'd rather do a Brazil butt lift/Chalean extreme hybrid with out the cardio! I'm looking to build muscle and tone...

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    I have no idea about the programs you mention but short answer to your question is no.
    I would focus on a simple but heavly/intensive enough strength/resistance program plus walking and other leisure/fun cardio. In any case no steady rate cardio. If you must do cardio according to the program you choose, do intervals.

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    I would incorporate some sprints (could be done during your already scheduled biking to work or during your walks). I am also not aware of the program you're talking about.

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    Have you read the book? Move slowly which you are doing, lift which you are doing, sprint and play.
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    I did a lot of cardio interval type workouts last summer, an utter waste of time. Just walk and lift weights.

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    I find that 2 short cardio sessions a week in additions to walking is what the doc ordered for me, to keep the heart in tip-top condition for weight lifting. I do one session of 10 sprints on the grass, and 1 interval workout that could be elliptical, swim, dance or KB's. The main thing is - if it hampers recovery from lifts, drop cardio. In the summer I try to be outdoors as much as possible, so gym cardio is going the way of the dodo. In the winter, I prefer swimming to keep the seasonal disorder at bay. If I lived in a warm climate, I would never do any cardio in-doors EVAR.
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    There's no such thing as toning, and cardio blows. Take walks outside, chase your kids around if you have some, lift heavy stuff (like kids), dance in the rain to the music in your heart, and don't worry so much about "working out" or following a program. Just go out and live life and be active.

    You say you already bike and walk a lot, so no, I would not worry about doing cardio. It's just going to suck all the joy out of your life if you force yourself to do it anyway, so don't bother with it.

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    If you cycle to walk every day and walk 40 miles every week then you are already doing sufficient cardio (without realising it by the sounds of it!) Cardio does not have to get you out of breath to be effective - that is what the sprints are for. Make sure you don't neglect those as well as weight/bodyweight training.

    btw there is no such process as "toning" - I think that concept was invented in the 80s to sell aerobics VHS tapes. You'll "tone" naturally as you gain muscle and lose bodyfat.

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    I do one HIT lifting session and one HIIT (sprint) session a week. Everything else is just gravy after that. Just like your biking to work and stuff....I walk to work and play with my kids on the trampoline and jungle gym. No "cardio" i.e. "mouse on a wheel" exercise needed.

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    NO. lift weights, walk, and eat clean. sprint if you like, once in a while.

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