It's not my cat's fault. Really. But she's sabotaging my health. She'll be 19 (yep) in mid-July. She's become senile, so she meows A LOT, especially overnight. By 5 am, she's ready for me to be awake and feed her. Canned food, not dry food. Fresh canned food, because her sense of smell is kaput, so if it's been out for more than 1 hour, she won't touch it. If I put her into a room overnight (with her litterbox, food, water, and favorite chair to sleep on), she DESTROYS the room -- pees on the chair, on the floor, poops on the floor, etc -- and she meows so loudly that she wakes my son, even when I muffle the door with a towel. If I don't put her in the room, she wakes me constantly in the middle of the night, and then starts going full assault around 5 to get me out of bed. And it's not enough for me to feed her -- if I go back to bed, she keeps meowing. Even louder. What she wants is for me to feed her, then go into my home office so that she can sprawl on my lap, where she purrs loud enough to wake the dead.


I love my cat. I really do. But I haven't slept well, it has to be years. My stress is high; my sleep is poor.

My cat is sabotaging my health.

Not looking for advice; I just needed to vent. :P