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    in the Australian bush

    Primal Dirtbikers?

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    Been pulling around 30 laps at 5 lap intervals, each lap round 1km, this is on a bush mx track requiring alot of constant body shift and positioning. By the end I am absolutely saturated in sweat... good to be able to get an intense workout out of something so fun
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    I do some trail riding, although much less often than I did a few years ago before I got a job and moved. I'm not very skilled, but I do enjoy it. Most of my riding these days occurs in the mountains of Virginia. Lots of fun hill climbs and stream crossings.

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    I've been trailriding for 40 years, although not so much in the last few as the f***ing ramblers association have done a good job of getting vehicles banned from the tiny amount of trails we were allowed to use. So the 2-wheeled thrills come more from the road bikes these days. I'm setting off tomorrow for what will turn into a 2 week trackday around France & the Pyrenees with a few mates - can't wait!

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    I ride a GSXR 600, would love to dirt bike tho
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    Dual Sporting here in Hawaii. Manhandling a 400 pound bike gives a decent workout.
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    I ride quads mostly mudding, but someday when the $$$$ is there I'd love to get into MX.

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    I ride mostly trails and some track. Not too much anymore as my son is gonna be born any day now. But there are several places I have been itching to get back to here in Nothern California!

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