I have smoked a pipe and cigars since I was in high school, almost 40 years now, with no health affects. No loss of wind when climbing stairs, etc. On the few occasions where I had a cigarette or 3, I usually felt like crap afterwards.

It is pretty well established that when it comes to food, our bodies do much better when we eat real, unproccessed, food with no, or minimal additives. Does the same hold true with tobacco?

Here is a list of 599 approved ingredients in cigarette tobacco.

Cigarette Ingredients - Chemicals in Cigarettes

Generally pipe and cigar tobacco has little or none of these things in them. Machine made cigars may have some additional additives in them but nothing to the extent that cigarette tobacco. Also most people don't inhale cigar and pipe smoke (I do).

So the question is, while smoking in general is not a healthy choice, is smoking pure tobacco products a healthier choice than smoking cigarettes full of chemicals?

There has been several post lately about people wanting to, or tryin to quit smoking. Would switching to a purer tobacco product be a way for them to, if not quit, at least inhale a purer product?

Also, cigars and pipes don't seem to be as addicting as cigarettes are. When I go home for time off, I'll often go my whole time home without smoking anything. During the day at work, I have little or no desire to run outside for a smoke. I enjoy my pipe or cigar in the evenings when relaxing at home or smoke shesha while visiting with friends in the evenings.

Looking at the additives approved by the US government for adding to cigarette tobacco, it sure looks like out of the tobacco choices that someone has to choose from, cigarettes are the worse option.