So here's my dilemma...I've been reading Protein Power Life Plan along with a more recent book by the Drs. Eades, and they suggest stopping all meds that impact liver function, including Atenolol, which my doctor prescribed last summer when I had a weird interval. (I've since thought it was probably an allergic reaction, but whatever.) He prescribed 25 mg. a day, which doesn't seem like much, but I am quite anti-pill if I don't have to take them. (I've declined statins and other potentially harmful prescriptions.)

I'm feeling MUCH better, haven't actually been back to the doctor since last summer. I've lost 30+ pounds with Primal Blueprint since last September, and I exercise more (as much as I can with arthritis and no cartilage in my knees.) I look better, I've got no GERD, acid reflux, heartburn only a couple of times in the past year, no insulin spikes or weird cravings, etc.

So I've been weaning myself off Atenonol, though they say you should do that under a doctor's supervision. Mostly I was taking it every other night, now I'm skipping two nights in a row. My BP remains good, whether I take it or not. (My husband had a home BP cuff which I monitor when I think of it.)

Anybody have any thoughts on that? After 2 nights of no pill, my BP was 121 over 73. This is GOOD, yes?