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Thread: is it possible for someone to become lactose intolerant

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    is it possible for someone to become lactose intolerant

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    Just all of a sudden one day?

    I'm noticing days after I have milk or some cream I have terrible gas and bloating. Never used to happen.

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    It can happen all of a sudden, yes. Also, I think it's fairly common after having a stomach bug. That happened to my oldest twins when they were a year and a half old. Got the stomach flu and then after they should have gotten over it, every time I gave them a bottle they would bloat up and have horrible runs, and started vomiting again. I went through that for two weeks until I read online that lactose intolerance can happen after a tummy bug.

    Switched them to almond milk after reading that and all the symptoms immediately went away. They are able to drink cow's milk again now though.

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    yup. probably not in one day, but you may notice it one day. it's often later onset too.

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    Is it possible for someone to become lactose intolerant?
    No, that's not possible.

    There are a bunch of misunderstandings here, as so often with diet and health.

    You don't become it. If you are it -- if that's your genetics. Being lactose-intolerant just means you can't use lactose for energy. But that doesn't necessarily mean your body can't handle lactose in the sense that it gives you distressing symptoms -- "gas and bloating" -- just that you can't use it for energy. Having the kind of bacteria in your gut that ferment yoghurt allows you to consume milk without the lactose causing boating even if you are lactose intolerant. There's no necessary connection between lactose intolerance and "gas and bloating":

    Cooling Inflammation: Genetics of Food Intolerance

    If you were lactose intolerant and lacked the right bacteria -- or you had had them but they got knocked out somehow -- then I guess you could get the "gas and bloating". It sounds unlikely.

    People often just talk about lactose-intolerance in vague ways, so that the term has got popularized, but one has to wonder whether, if someone has a problem with dairy products whether it's rather that they are intolerant to casein. There are interesting parallels between casein and gluten. A particular type of casein seems to be particularly problematic:

    Devil in the Milk with Keith Woodford 11/17 by Underground Wellness | Blog Talk Radio

    I couldn't really guess what it is about the dairy that is causing the problem and why now if not before. Have you had antibiotics recently? Is there anything else that may have affected your gut health that you can think of?

    I would try the standard procedure Robb Wolf recommends for problematic foods: take it out for 30 days, then reintroduce it and see how you "look, feel and perform".

    Maybe stick to ghee -- since that should have no lactose and no casein.

    Alternatively if you really want the milk and cream, try goat's or sheep's. If you can tolerate that but not the cow's then you know something quite interesting: as both have lactose, it's not that the problem, but probably the type of casein that occurs in some cow's milk.
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    I react to milk sometimes (stomach cramps and diarrhea) but not always. I haven't figured out what causes this. It's only milk, and not other dairy.

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