Hi, I wonder if you can give me any insight about this. I've been paleo for six weeks, and would have got through the low carb flu by now if I was going to get it, I would have thought. I'm sleeping like the dead from 10-6 each night, but find I am also tired mid-afternoon, and can easily sleep for another hour and a half then, if it is possible. Energy levels don't seem to have risen much yet either. I've lost 3 kilos though.

I'm eating as shown below
Breakfast - smoothie, with banana and another fruit, kefir and raw milk, plus a bit of macademia nut butter and some Omega oils/ or bacon and eggs
Lunch - meat or fish and salad, with tomatoes, beets, carrots and often an avocado
Snack-some nuts and raisins
Dinner - meat and roasted veg. Possibly a home-made ice cream and some berries to finish
I also generally have a couple of glasses of white wine with dinner.

Any ideas how I can reduce the tiredness, please?