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    Sourcing great food in Perth WA

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    Perth, west australia always seems to miss out on the good stuff but this last weekend I went to the growers market at Clontarf on Manning Rd and it is a bonanza. Organic meats, free range inexpensive eggs, honeys (for those who like), teas, amazing cheeses, organic vegies, juices and on and on. Not a huge market but what is there is very good. Good prices too - I spent $28 and ended up with soo much food.

    Perth can be v expensive so it was a welcome relief! It gets very busy I'm told - saturday mornings ends around 1 or 2pm.

    Had to share this little gem!

    Any other markets around Perth that people can recommend?

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    Thanks! People have mentioned Clontarf to me, but after my experience at Subiaco market I wasn't going to give it a try.

    Its not a market, but my favourite place right now is farmer jacks. Always heaps of cheap seasonal veg, and grass-fed beef at $6.99 a kg! We buy rumps for $30-40 and it lasts two of us for about 8 days or so. Super tasty (my dinner tonight!)

    Will have to give Clontarf a go on Saturday - Me and the OH will be the ones wearing Vibrams!

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    Is there anything north of the river? I work Sat mornings so wouldn't be able to get down to Clontarf, which is probably about a 40min drive from me anyway.

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