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Thread: Dealing with mental sluggishness

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    Good fats to try - bacon, olive oil, almond butter, etc. Eat some beef, steak with fat on it. Salmon has great amounts of omega-3 fats, etc. That's the beauty of many whole foods. No need to take this and that- they are the WHOLE package!

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    Ahhh, yes. Dried fruit is super-high carb (with the exception, sort of, of unsweetened dried berries). Figs and raisins in particular are SKY HIGH.

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    Cutting the dried fruit helps.

    Eggs/bacon breakfast is good too.

    Non the less a short siesta was still needed this afternoon to lift my fog.

    Is there a section with recipes / menus somewhere on the site?

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    I agree with everyone that it is probably carb flu and to keep your carbs low. I, however found the foggy head lasted over a month, and have just started taking a good acidopholis supplement which seems to be working (meaning it was probably candida which was undiagnosed from the pre low carb days.). Maybe dropping the carbs led to slow candida die off which gave the head symptoms, and hopefully the supplement has speeded it up? Just guessing now but I seem much clearer headed since. My tongue looks a bit healthier too.

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    Never heard of a low carb flu, but within a week of stopping carbs my mental function actually got sharper and I stopped having those low periods in the afternoon where I could barely keep my eyes open. Maybe it's something else you are doing or not?

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    How do I get my brain back?
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    Don't forget coconut oil!
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