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Thread: Funny MDA forum quotes

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    Dado said that the last time he posted a picture of himself on the interwebs, someone photoshopped a cock on it...

    Cori93437's response:

    Quote Originally Posted by cori93437 View Post
    As long as it's a nice one, and free-range organic, what's the problem?

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    Dado on the Primal Poet thread...

    My balls sit, sweat
    swell with good things
    I squat and they touch
    ground is cold
    but nothing much
    more than the old
    balls hanging


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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabbcakes View Post

    (went over there... got lucky and found it so soon... best. thread. ever... will probably lose sleep reading it all)
    I was the OP on that thread and the really funny thing is I was not thinking of kayaking when I first posted it. I was thrilled about how beautiful and powerful I felt being Primal.

    It is a super fun thread. One warning though, a certain iodine enthusiast shows up at some point and makes it his personal mission to help improve our kayaking techniques. Poor Mrs. G.
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