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    Where to implement my sprints?

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    I used to sprint on my lifting days, after the lifting. (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) but now I'm reaching heavier weights and my legs are too tired to sprint all out after lifting. So I was thinking maybe I could do sprints on my rest days (Wednesday, friday and monday). But would my lifts suffer from this?
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    Maybe....give it a try and find out.

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    I sprint on my rest days. I do intervals, 10 second sprint with 20 second rest. Thats optimal "cardio" intervals. I do 10 of them. with a 5 min warm up, it hardly takes any time at all and my rest day is still pretty much a rest day.

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    If you're trying to do "tabata" intervals it's 20 sec sprint 10 sec rest.
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    Will your lifts suffer? Doubt it. If they do (squats/deads), then dial the sprints back.

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