Hi everyone!

I'm back from a one month funny trip (with lots of excursions and activities) to my local hospital with a CRP of 144 and a VS of 136/201... which made the doctors believe I had a severe infection.

As it turned out, I had a very strong flare up of ankylosing spondylitis which was then diagnosed at the age of 34 after 8 years of begging the doctors for an answer to my pain and lack of sleep and tremendous fatigue...

In fact I had forsaken traditional medicine and turned to the primal lifestyle, I tried and felt great. I was sick twice in 8 months compared to my usual once every three weeks. I felt less fatigued, I started going out the way I used to, I had less brain fog.

I don't understand the huge flare up I went through...

I wish others with spondy could share their experience and how primal living has helped them through it as well as its limits.

I'm currently on 200mg of bi-profenid a day which is a NSAIDS which is a life saver, really... but I want the inflammation to subside and never come back (god, I swear, it hurts like hell) or rarely...

I also have thyroiditis (moving from hypo to hyper and not fixated yet) and they suspect Crohn's disease which will be further investigated once I have recovered a little. Work is out of the question for the moment. MS might be a possibility too... I hope not!

Also I'd like to know what supplement you take or advise me to take since I feared my supplements gave me that flare up (my colleagues think that too because French people usually take vitamins that bring 15% of the daily recommended intake). I took the following:
_Source Naturals Life Force Multiple (between two and four a day)
_O3 (4 pills a day up to 2 grams a day but I never eat fish, I can't)
_Vit C (2 grams a day)
_Whey (25 grams a day)
_magnesium with B6 : 300 mg a day / 30 mg
_sometimes a few others like selenium, calcium or other depending.

I'm also on medication: antihistamines (which have been stopped), Ambien (10mg), Lysanxia (it doesn't exist in the US but it is a long life anxyolitic in drops... it turned out I needed them to handle the stress from being misdiagnosed and I'm cutting on them fast... I'm on 5 drops a day now, regular intake is 60 lol).

Here, hope you can help