Hi, I am a 45 woman in the UK, and I am about 6 weeks into my primal journey.

Since last August I have lost a lot of weight on a CW diet, but I had come to a grinding halt, losing nothing at all for the whole of April, so my personal trainer recommended a diet that I at first approached as purely low carb, but the more reading I did, the more I realised that primal is where I need to be. I am loving the whole approach. It sits well with me now I have got my head around the idea that fat isn't what made me fat!

My exercise regime is pretty much all weight lifting, and I chuck a little tiny bit of cardio in on the days I don't work with my trainer.

I am also getting my 10 year old daughter on board as she is starting to understand that she is bigger than her peers, and fashion is rearing its head in her life! She is a very active kid, does 7 dance classes a week, netball twice a week, rounders once a week, walks to school and so on, but she has been cursed with obese parents so was always going to have a battle!

My husband is not interested in joining us eating primal, which is a shame because he needs to do something before its too late and obesity kills him. But you can't force theses things, his head has to get there before it can happen I suppose.

Ok, ramble over! I've been lurking here for weeks, it's high time I said hello!

PS My total weight loss to date, including CW, is 84lbs. I have probably another 50 or 60 to go......