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Thread: Why Full Fat Greek Yogurt?

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    Full-fat yogurt has fewer calories as carbs percentage-wise. That's what counts.

    Another benefit of the full-fat version is that it is higher in fat-soluble vitamins.

    Also, lactose is much better for you than fructose or sucrose as it's all converted to glucose. It does spike insulin, so it's best eaten post-workout if you are insulin resistant.
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    Quick question, how much fat is full fat greek yoghurt?

    Here in the UK the greek yoghurt in the supermarket used to say 10% fat or whatever, they've dropped that now but looking through all the different brands the other day when shopping the most is still ~10% fat (about 9.6g per 100g I think it is) is this full fat? How does this compare to the greek yoghurt you get in the US?

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    If you can't find full-fat Greek yogurt, you can strain the non-Greek type. Plop it in a colander lined with paper towels, set it over a bowl, and in a few hours it's as thick at the Greek kind.

    I can either find full-fat regular yogurt, or 2% Fage yogurt. So, I stick with Fage, maybe add a splash of crem, maybe not, but still: YUM!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderlust View Post
    Try the Fage yogurt instead, a lot more protein than the Chobani.
    Uhh, no. Fage and Chobani Greek Yogurts are virtually identical in terms of protein content per serving. Every brand I've seen has been within 3 grams of each other in terms of protein content - with the generic/store brand here having slightly less than Fage/Chobani. (Talking about plain yogurt, of course. There are plenty of flavored/sweetened greek yogurts from Chobani and others out there with more sugar and less protein)

    Fage(in my opinion) does taste the best of the Greek yogurts I've tried - however it's also significantly more expensive than Chobani or store brands. It also happens to be the only Greek yogurt that's relatively easy to find with more than 2% fat, at least around here. 2% Fage is actually my favorite taste-wise, as the full-fat version can be a bit too rich for me, while the fat-free versions tend to be watery and not as creamy/tasty.
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    I stand corrected, I must have misread a label.
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    Go with Fage Total full fat plain or Better Whey of Life plain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artbuc View Post
    I eat 8 oz daily of Chobani non-fat plain greek yogurt. Started looking at full fat options but found they tend to contain just as much or more sugar and less protein. So why do Paleo folks prefer full fat? If you want more saturated fat, why not add some shredded coconut or eat a couple slices of Kerrygold Dubliner cheese? Thanks.
    1. Dairy is most healthy when it has all its natural components. When you take out the fat, the milk protein (casein) dominates which has untoward health consequences - higher inflammation, higher cancer causing (the casein -- cancer thing has been extrapolated to mean all animal proteins cause cancer but they are different and I don't agree with that. BUT I do agree that high intake of casein can contribute to cancer *especially* if it's not in its raw/fermented/natural state, I personally can't tolerate dairy very well at all and neitehr does most of myf amily so it makes sense to not view it as an essential food for people IMO).

    2. The 'higher sugar' is referring not to added sugar but to lactose, the natural milk sugar. You want a balance of lactose and casein and not to be top-heavy on one vs. the other. I wouldn't think twice about however much sugar is in the product naturally - there is a FAR CRY from flavored/sugar-jacked yogurt and plain full fat yogurt that has its natural ratio of fat/protein/carbohydrate intact vs. artificially messed with b/c people for some reason think 'protein=best thing ever' and want the other good stuff that serves a biological/chemical purpose in making the food actually healthy for us removed.
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    The vitamins in dairy products are fat soluble, meaning you need the fat to get most of the nutrition.

    If you're concerned about the sugar in dairy, make your own and ferment it for 24 hours. Nearly all the lactose will be gone.

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    I use Cabot greek yogurt. 10% milkfat. 23 g fat(15 saturated), 7g sugar, 18 g protein.

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    I eat Greek Gods yogurt. It comes in fairly large tubs and I just dole portions into tupperware and sprinkle cinnamon on top to take to work. I do buy the flavored ones, which contain added sugar and honey, but they offer plain as well. It's full fat and DELICIOUS:
    Greek Gods Yogurt!

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