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Thread: I want to have super human strength.

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    I want to have super human strength.

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm not talking about Strongman competitions you see on ESPN. I just want to be stronger than the average man. It's hard for me to look through all these fitness programs out there and decide. Should I join a gym for this purpose? I was thinking of joining Crossfit but too much money for me. Should I do the Starting Strength program or just do bodyweight exercises?

    I want to do this because I work a warehouse job and struggle a bit when unloading boxes from the trailers. The boxes are about 70-80 pounds and the boxes are awkward to carry.

    So just wondering if I need to join some kind of gym or do I need to get more equipment and if I do what kind of equipment?

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    I just downloaded the Ebook version of Convict Conditioning from Dragon Door. All bodyweight exercises with a good progression from beginner to way advanced from where I am now. No equipment needed except for something to use for pull-ups. Might be worth a look for you.
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    Strength is defined as the ability to move heavy things, hmmm so to build strength one must move heavy things.

    Do SS and don't look back.
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    I second Convict Conditioning. It follows the same principles as gymnastics - using leverage to chang how hard you work the muscles. I also like his emphasis on the progressions giving the tendons and joints time to develop, as well.

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    I've had a lot of good results from Convict Conditioning, but I just got access to a gym and started StrongLifts, which is similar to (based off?) Starting Strength, but I think it is simpler.

    Stronger than average doesn't really take that much. In about three months of Stronglifts, you'll be squatting far more than most people can even consider, and you'll be doing it for multiple repetitions. I'm about two months into that, and will be squatting with my body weight on the bar next week.

    Convict Conditioning is a very slow program. It starts at the very beginning, and works up to some pretty advanced exercises. I like it a lot, and I intend to finish it, but I couldn't say no to the weights now that I have a gym.

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    Just a thought...when it comes to strength does not have to be a "either/or" type of situation when it comes to building strength. Free weights, body-weight exercises, and yes...even weight machines in some cases have their benefits.

    All the suggested programs mentioned above are very sound. My advice is to examine your goals, and pick the best tools from all the resources available to you to reach them.

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    If you're lifting those boxes everyday most of the time you're on the job then that, in and of itself, is going to impact how you train for strength and how often you schedule in a strength workout.
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    You should get stronger just from your job but either CC or SS will get you stronger. Considering your job you should consider a sandbag as well.
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