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Thread: Need a Primal/Paleo cookbook that does not include exotic foods.

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    Need a Primal/Paleo cookbook that does not include exotic foods.

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    I told my wife recently I have to stop eating like this. As she takes out Stouffer's chicken pasta dinner. She likes it because all she has to do is put holes in the shrink wrap and heat it up in the oven. That's actually what I had tonight for dinner. The pasta, green peas and garlic bread with water to drink. She bought a few of those "dinners" from the local grocery store.

    I have told her in the past. It's not healthy for me. She counters with it's healthier than eating at McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc. If you eat like this you will still lose weight. I'm not sure about that. I tried to bring her on board with this but she refuses. Then tells me the cookbook features "too many exotic foods" and "it looks expensive".

    That's why I want to find a Primal/Paleo cookbook that has simple ingredients at my local grocery store than at Whole Foods grocery stores. I want us both to cook healthy meals from this cookbook.

    Please help. Thank you.

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    Just look around on the internet; cookbooks usually display the outlandish and most fantastic looking meals. There are thousands upon thousands of simple paleo recipes all over the internet.
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    mark posts recipes often..

    have you thought of taking over the cooking a few nights a week? if she's recalcitrant, offer to pitch in and make some good stuff. jeebus, how exotic is roast chicken or a grilled steak?
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    Where are you? What is exotic for one area is the norm for others.

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    We don't use a cookbook much. Dinners are often grilled/baked meat with some frozen or fresh veggies and sometimes potatoes.

    One of my favorite "recipes" is sausage and peppers... slice up onion and sautee in coconut oil/olive oil, add sausage and whatever color peppers you like. We decide what peppers based on sale prices but generally include green since the kids love those. Add whatever spices you like, we typically use italian seasoning, salt, and maybe some extra basil or oregano.

    We also love meatloaf... 1/2 ground beef, 1/2 ground pork, 1 egg per pound of meat, celery salt, ground mustard, salt, garlic powder, 1/4c onion. Mix it up and cover with ketchup, bake @350 for 1 hour. Serve with a side of veggies.

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    chicken is not that expensive. (unless you keep kosher - then your meats cost more!) Look for sales on foods, or buy bulk items in places like Costco, apparently they sell good animal foods. Also, Trader Joes sells meats and chickens. And the best thing is, you can learn to cook, so your wife wont have to do it all. Offer to wash the dishes, and she has no grounds for complaint!! (I wish someone would cook for me - and I got a dishwasher, since no one likes doing the dishes here) Another easy meal is stew - put meat and veg and broth/water in a crock pot, set it, and go to work, come home to dinner all hot and good. Since its summer here, I tend to make lighter foods that can be served cold - fish patties from canned salmon, cold leftover chicken or meat, gazpacho soup. And mostly my cookbooks gather dust, since I modify things based on what I have and like. Good Luck, and dont give up on the Mrs. Even if she doesnt come around fully, at least some of her meals will be healthy.

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    You want to buy a cookbook for your wife? Why don't you buy one for yourself and do the cooking?
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    I have to agree on this one. Most of the Primal and Paleo cookbooks have beautiful pictures and incredble recipes, but at the end of a workday or even on a weekend when I'm supposed to be relaxing a bit, I just don't want fancy. Iwant something fairly simple that takes 20 minutes to fix and I'm reasonably sure won't taste weird.

    I have started my own personal cookbook which is really just a 3 ring binder with a bunch of those clear pocket pages. When I find an interesting recipe on the internet, I'll sometimes print it out and put it in the binder. Honestly, the best recipes I've found have been the result of a Google search, not a $30 cookbook, though I do still buy them every once in a while.

    I'd list all of the Paleo/Primal recipe sites, but there's just a ton of them, and you'll find them with an easy search.

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    I really don't see why foods being exotic is a problem? Anyone can try some different stuff without having to learn 500 different cooking techniques. Cooking butternut squash is not so different than cooking a potato... Buffalo steak takes the same cooking time as the same amount of beef...

    I personally don't use recipes at all, I just pick whatever looks nice at the fresh produce bit of the supermarket and use general cooking principles to heat it up. I save time by doing things in the simplest way, i.e. having certain types of veg that don't need peeling or chopping, such as asparagus, sugarsnap peas, ready-chopped frozen veg... have a side salad sometimes instead of cooking veg... get nice thin steaks that will cook fast on the grill... The way I do Primal cooking is just as fast as chucking a box in the microwave!

    I think to do Primal successfully, you have to fall in love with cooking, and become the main cook in the household if your partner is reluctant. After a while she'll get used to the delicious healthy meals and see how easy they are, and might join in.
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    You can start with Costco rotisserie chicken, $5, large size, and primal. Next, I'd say hit the grill 2 times a week. If you cook on sun and wednesday you can have enough meat for the week.

    I'd avoid the precooked pasta like the plague.

    I have cookbooks, and I don't recommend starting with them. They are all a bit more work. Just google some basic meat recipies and have frozen veggies on hand.

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