I told my wife recently I have to stop eating like this. As she takes out Stouffer's chicken pasta dinner. She likes it because all she has to do is put holes in the shrink wrap and heat it up in the oven. That's actually what I had tonight for dinner. The pasta, green peas and garlic bread with water to drink. She bought a few of those "dinners" from the local grocery store.

I have told her in the past. It's not healthy for me. She counters with it's healthier than eating at McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc. If you eat like this you will still lose weight. I'm not sure about that. I tried to bring her on board with this but she refuses. Then tells me the cookbook features "too many exotic foods" and "it looks expensive".

That's why I want to find a Primal/Paleo cookbook that has simple ingredients at my local grocery store than at Whole Foods grocery stores. I want us both to cook healthy meals from this cookbook.

Please help. Thank you.