Hi all I've been off and on primal for a year or so and started back up early April after taking the winter off(argh) I was doing all good until i tired throwing IF in there. It started out ok but after a week or more of fasting from nine pm till one pm i noticed that i was only having a bm once every two days or more it didn't worry me until i started going longer like three days. I was eating three times a day but there were very big meals. At the peak of this i developed minor cramps then within a half a day or so it seemed i was soo backed up that my insides felt like there were going to burst. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life to say the least. I rushed to the store and got a big thing of apple juice(that was recommended online to help me bm)and drank almost the whole thing and curled in the showed for probably a hour or more until i was able to bm. It went away after a day or so and just yesterday it happened again. I had been eating out since Wednesday and stopped fasting due to my work and was consuming starchy foods and things not on the blue print, also i had quit caffeine on Friday of last week. I had at least 3-4 good size restaurant type meals a day between Wednesday and Friday and hadn't produce a bm sense Tuesday. Is this some what normal? I seriously thought my insides were going to burst. If anyone has any insight please respond. I'm thinking of stopping IF all together,i do not ever want to experience this AGAIN! Thanks for you time.